For hearing my thoughts,
understanding my dreams,
  and being my best friend...
   For filling my life with music and flowers
    and loving me without end.
     You are my dream come true...I do!

October 13, 2002
The marriage of Stacey Lee Colgan and Dr. T.J. Kleikamp


TJ and I were engaged for a relatively short time (about six months). But I guess that we both just knew that it felt right from the very beginning. TJ is a horse lover also. He owns a horse and enjoys trail riding. He really supports my love of horses and goes to almost every horse show with me. He will even fly in to the show to see me if he can't come for the whole show!

Our wedding was on October 13th. Normally that time of year in Oregon is rainy and cool. But that day cleared out and was sunny and warm. It was just beautiful! We had the wedding ceremony and reception at Willamette Valley Vineyards in Turner, Oregon (world known for their incredible Pinot Noir). There were about two hundred people for our day and everything was absolutely perfect. We had a string quartet playing in the background for the reception while everyone enjoyed wine and food.

Europe was the destination for our honeymoon. TJ wanted to take me to the most romantic place that he could think of for that special time. We toured Italy and just loved it. We also saw some of Austria (YES we even saw the Royal Lippizan Stallions perform!), Germany, and Switzerland also. It was wonderful and we were able to spend three weeks over there. We hope to return in the future.









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